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   The dwg result was great. We want to give all our maps to iTechLance to get the same result.

Mr. Dittmar,

You did your work very well. We will work with iTechLance for all our upcoming projects.

Mr. Wolfgang,

Thank you! That is perfect!!! Looks SO good!!! That is the result which I want.

Mr. Scott,

What more you need when you get the work done on time and at very affordable rates too. I am happy with my company’s continuing association with iTechlance.

Mr. Joseph Klaus,

We have been associated with iTechlance for a long time and what is best about them is that they will persist with you even when you are in crisis and that makes them a trusted organization.

Mr. Thomas Andreas,

We are proud of iTechlance! Their CAD services are very impressive. We’ll continue to work with them as we’re totally satisfied. Best of luck!.

Mrs. Martina Smith,

We have had good professional relationship with iTechlance. Never had any issues regarding delivery of all our projects.

Mrs. Christina Saunderh,
Orthophoto Digitization

For novices, orthophoto or orthophotograph is an aerial picture which is orthorectified i.e. geometrically adjusted to make the scale uniform. Such photos with no deformation like a map help in calculating true distances as they precisely represent the Earth's surface. Orthophotos widely contribute to the generation of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

iTechlance is a specialized company when it comes to providing Orthophoto Digitization or Photogrammetry services. Photogrammetry is the practice of finding out the geometric attributes of objects from photos. With the help of these two methods, we can take measurements of 2D and 3D objects from photographs.

Orthophoto Digitization is actually the derivative of Orthorectification process which offers you a bird's eye view of visual impact as well as a foundation for accumulating geospatial data. Subsequently, our specialists can directly and accurately measure angles, distances, positions and areas of temporal objects, without even coming in contact with them.

Apart from a GIS, orthophotos are normally utilized in Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry services.

While generating orthophotographs, it is important to include the 'breaklines', GCPs and feature layers in order to make sure that the orthophoto has the tonal quality and positional precision. Our technologists undertake quality inspections on the digital orthophotos to prevent any deformation and ascertain the accuracy of position. For this, they make use of the supplied orthophoto maps and surveyed ground control points. It is essential to have camera calibration report and ground control points to achieve a precise, measurable and geo-referenced picture. Moreover, if the AGPS or flight height data is supplied as input, much greater accuracy can be accomplished in the process.

iTechlance has been at the vanguard of Orthophoto Digitization and Photogrammetry services that comprise:

  • Orthophoto editing
  • Digital orthophoto production
  • Orthophoto rectification
  • Orthophoto mapping
  • Digital Photogrammetry & mapping

So, let us serve you in an innovative way and meet your expectations. Contact us today!

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