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   The dwg result was great. We want to give all our maps to iTechLance to get the same result.

Mr. Dittmar,

You did your work very well. We will work with iTechLance for all our upcoming projects.

Mr. Wolfgang,

Thank you! That is perfect!!! Looks SO good!!! That is the result which I want.

Mr. Scott,

What more you need when you get the work done on time and at very affordable rates too. I am happy with my company’s continuing association with iTechlance.

Mr. Joseph Klaus,

We have been associated with iTechlance for a long time and what is best about them is that they will persist with you even when you are in crisis and that makes them a trusted organization.

Mr. Thomas Andreas,

We are proud of iTechlance! Their CAD services are very impressive. We’ll continue to work with them as we’re totally satisfied. Best of luck!.

Mrs. Martina Smith,

We have had good professional relationship with iTechlance. Never had any issues regarding delivery of all our projects.

Mrs. Christina Saunderh,
Raster to Vector Conversion (R2V)

Are you looking for complete "raster to vector conversion" services for all your mapping needs? You are reached your destination then. iTechlance is one of the leading CAD based online provider of these services along with a host of other technical services. We take the full responsibility of converting all your works in bitmap (in .BMP/.JPEG) format to any vector form (.DWF/.DWG/.DXF/.DGN) of your choice.

Termed as R2V in short, raster to vector conversions are used immensely in commercial and industrial areas. The reason behind this is they consistently find the need of converting their technical drawing, maps and other graphics to vector from raster form for an easy archiving and quick access.

Our R2V service can be used to convert the following:

  • Charts
  • Drawings (manual or otherwise)
  • Maps
  • Other similar images.

Raster to vector is the technology and the conversion process is known as vectorization. Mapping and GIS conversions depend on these applications for their better utilization.

It can also be applied in the following fields to fulfill various kinds of purposes:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • House Plans

The service that we provide in raster to vector conversion is fully automatic. The only thing that needs your supervision is to scan your map or drawing and allow our R2V service to have it vectorized. It does away easily with incorrect hand tracing on a digitized tablet. The resulting formats are achieved at quite high accuracy levels.

R2V converted data can be utilized in the following ways:
  • Photogrammetric uses
  • Geo-Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • Municipal Planning
  • Saving in GS databases
  • Utility Mapping

GIS utilizes raster to vector conversion a lot in creating maps out of satellite or aerial images. When it comes to resizing in the field of graphics, this tool has no other competition. The tool can be used to resize any type of image without affecting their quality. The images will be unaltered no matter what was the level till which they have been stretched or altered.

These CAD-based vector formats have several advantages:

  • Unlike bitmaps, they can be scaled up/down to any resolution or size - without affecting the image quality.
  • Since we'll be creating CAD files, we can create as many "layers" as you require. We can generate separate layers for dimensions, Text, Body, Hidden lines, and Centerlines, etc.
  • Editable line types & text (in separate layers)
  • Editable "hatch patterns"
  • Symbols & blocks of standard equipments
  • Title blocks
  • Adjustable dimensions

So, get in touch with us at any time you feel comfortable!

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