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   The dwg result was great. We want to give all our maps to iTechLance to get the same result.

Mr. Dittmar,

You did your work very well. We will work with iTechLance for all our upcoming projects.

Mr. Wolfgang,

Thank you! That is perfect!!! Looks SO good!!! That is the result which I want.

Mr. Scott,

What more you need when you get the work done on time and at very affordable rates too. I am happy with my company’s continuing association with iTechlance.

Mr. Joseph Klaus,

We have been associated with iTechlance for a long time and what is best about them is that they will persist with you even when you are in crisis and that makes them a trusted organization.

Mr. Thomas Andreas,

We are proud of iTechlance! Their CAD services are very impressive. We’ll continue to work with them as we’re totally satisfied. Best of luck!.

Mrs. Martina Smith,

We have had good professional relationship with iTechlance. Never had any issues regarding delivery of all our projects.

Mrs. Christina Saunderh,

At iTechlance we have some of the best and highly experienced professionals and qualified Surveyor Engineers. We can easily handle every type of survey jobs:

  • General Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Land and Building Surveyors
  • Roads & Highway Surveys
  • Bridge Survey
  • Metro Rail Survey
  • Design and Drawing Preparation
  • Hiring of Modern Surveying Instruments

And here's an additional details of the abovementioned types of surveys:
General Survey

  • Road, Canal & Pipe line Alignment and Optimization
  • Bridge Alignment and Setting out
  • Setting out operation
  • True North Alignment
  • Layout Preparation and Stone Laying
  • Property Survey and Built-Layout Drawing Preparation

Topographical Survey

  • Survey with total station
  • Boundary Survey
  • Contour Survey
  • Bridge Survey
  • Mapping of Existing permanent features like Electric Traction, Telephonic Routes, Canals/Streams, Roads, Pathways, etc.

Building Survey

  • Grid line marking
  • Center line marking
  • Reference point marking
  • Location of plot
  • Vertically checking of columns
  • Plane & Section drawing

Road Survey

  • Center line marking
  • L-section & X-section leveling
  • Calculate the quality of the road material
  • Route alignment
  • Fixing the Road Alignment
  • Curve point fixing the slope of road

Drain Survey

  • Physical survey of drain
  • Flowing of water
  • Slope of drain
  • Area of drain

Railway Survey

  • Fixing the track center line
  • Fixing the rail point
  • Fixing the rail bottom level
  • Scissor crossing marking
  • Platform edge fixing

Tunnel Survey

  • Fixing the tunnel alignment
  • Triangulation point fixing
  • Laser point fixing
  • Transferring bench mark
  • Fixing the control point

Mechanical Survey work

  • Center and X-section line marking
  • Bolt center point fixing
  • Top & bottom level fixing

Our Survey Drawing services are mostly used by:

  1. Selling and Leasing Agents
  2. Property Managers
  3. Facilities Managers
  4. Asset Managers
  5. Interior Designers
  6. Architects
  7. Building Consultants
  8. Tenant Advocates
  9. Property Owners
  10. Property Lawyers

All the contents in a survey document are highly important and sensitive for the present & the future needs of the company. Very important decisions are taken based on the information these documents have in them. All the survey we conduct is clear and highly accurately; these are documented considering all the needs and wishes of the clients.

We are open for all your queries and you should feel free to call us for any information on our services and how we will be helpful for your needs? Contact us to know more!

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